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--------------------------------------By Julie------------------------------------------------------

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~ The amount of energy the solar panels receive depends on your location, time of day, and the weather. For example, if its winter and there is snow covering the solar panel, you would not get as much sunlight on the panel as you would get if it was summer.

~"Single solar panels are not sufficient power products." - This means that in order to generate enough energy to fully power something you would need to get large panels or a large array of panels instead on small single panels. If you need a lot of energy you would need to cover the whole roof of with

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solar panels.

~COST! Solar panels are very expensive.

~ Solar panels can only convert 15-20% of the sun light that hits the solar panels.

~ "The price of installing and maintaining these panels ends up costing people six times more than just buying power from the power company."

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~Solar panels need to be maintained and replaced fairly often making them even more expensive.

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