Nuclear power plant
by Nicole

If we will potentially be using nuclear energy as a alternative form as energy, than we should know how it works. As of right now the only way we can produce nuclear energy is through a process called fission. Fission is when an atoms nucleus is split apart and creates a large amount of light and heat, which are forms of energy. So how does fission have anything to do with the nuclear energy process? The "fissioning" of the nucleus of the atom creates two to three more neutrons. This can happen multiple times with a new nucleus. Heat is released from this process. The heat then boils water to create steam. The steam is used to turn a turbine. When the turbine spins, a generator t
A turbine
urns and a magnetic field creats electricity. Then the electricity is carried to your home to power things like your computer or t.v. The process of nuclear energy creates two types of waste, high level waste and low level waste. High level waste is spent fuel and highly radioactive. Low level waste is less dangorous. This is how nuclear energy works. For more information on the nuclear energy process, visit these websites or check out these videos:

Nuclear waste sign



  1. 1.Nuclei split apart and create heat and light.
  2. 2.The heat boils water and creates steam.
  3. 3. The steam turns a turbine.
  4. 4. The turbine spins a generator and a magnetic field creates electricity!