Uses of Hydrogen Power: Mackenzie Donovan

Hydrogen is used to fuel Space shuttles. NASA's space program uses hydrogen power for fuel. external image space_shuttle_launch.jpg <----Hydrogen powered space shuttles.

Another thing that hydrogen is used for is to fuel cars. Some people have vehicles that fuel on hydrogen instead of gas. It gives off Steam instead of exhaust.

How does this work? The car gets powered by a fuel cell, which converts hydrogen to to electricity only giving off heat and water as byproducts. These hydrogen powered cars can be fuel-efficient. If you see a car on the road with steam coming out of its exhaust pipe instead of carbon emission's, that is a hydrogen powered car!

external image Hydrogen-Powered-Gremlin-3.jpg<---Hydrogen Powered car.

Did you know that about 300 vehicles in the U.S have been fueled with hydrogen?

Its better to power your car with hydrogen because your car will run more quietly. It is also more efficient for the fuel cost and doesn't pollute the air.

Hydrogen can also be used to provide heat and electricity by using a fuel cell, A fuel cell works by having Hydrogen atoms enter a fuel cell at the "anode" where a chemical reaction gets rid of their electrons. The hydrogen atoms then become “ionized,” and carry a positive electrical charge. The negatively charged electrons then are used for a current through the wires to do the work. Then oxygen enters and picks up the electrons. It will then travel through the electrolyte to the anode where it combines with the hydrogen ions. After, hydrogen and oxygen combine they form water. Which is used to generate the fuel cell.

external image 41201072006hydrogen-fuel-cell.jpg <---Fuel cell

Some people have Hydrogen powered houses which means they have a fuel cell. It is more efficient to use a fuel cell to heat your home, although it can be hard to get one. It is better with prices.

Atom.Hydrogen.GIF This is a picture of the Hydrogen atom.Twi'lik