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Hydrogen Know-How

by Jonathan

What is my energy source?
Hydrogen (element)
Hydrogen (element)

Hydrogen is the first and lightest element on the periodic table. It is a gas at room temperature, and most stars in the universe use it as a fuel.

Where does my energy source come from?

Hydrogen can be obtained in many ways. One way of obtaining hydrogen is it can be separated from water through electrolysis. It can also be obtained from natural gas molecules through steam reforming. It's so abundant that hydrogen accounts for 75% of the universe's mass!

Steam Reforming

  1. Steam reforming is a process that separates Hydrogen molecules from the compound of methane (CH4)
  2. This causes emissions, but it is currently the cheapest way to gain hydrogenexternal image fuel_cell_still.gif


  1. Separates Hydrogen from Water.
  2. It doesn't produce carbon emissions but it is very costly
  3. Urine actually produces more energy than H2O does.


  1. It can be burned to produce almost no carbon emissions and it also produces water as a byproduct.
  2. It can also be used in fuel cells. Fuel cells converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity.

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1. Currently, steam reformed gas costs $4-5 per kilogram of hydrogen
2. Electrolysis-produced hydrogen used to cost $6-8, now costs a potential $3, through a new machine invented by Eric Bourgeois and the General Electric Electrolyzer Team
3. The Toyota FCHV-adv, which is a similar model to the Toyota Highlander, gets a mileage of 68.3 miles per kilogram, which is over 2.5 times efficient more than its twin, the Highlander