Hydroelectric Cons

By: Zoe Cole


One disadvantage of Hydroelectric power is that it negatively impacts the ecosystem. Though hydro-electric dams do not necessarily pollute the environment, the presence of a dam is damaging because it can change the landscape and all the plants and animals that live in it. The largest environmental threat dams create is the effect on the fish living in the river. Even the slightest change in the water's flow can harm animals as well as plants. Fish try to swim up the dams and get stuck and die, therefore fish population decreases greatly in the rivers. The dams can also disturb the mating seasons and mating areas of the water animals. So, although hydro electric power is quite use full, it can be a burden on natural life.

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^ Imagine a fish trying to survive down that

Hydro electric dams not only interfere with animals, but with humans too. People are most likely attached to the land that they are living on, and would prefer not to have a dam built on it.

The building of the dams needs to be high quality, because if the dams break it can greatly affect the well being of all the plants, animals, and humans around it. So building them is extremely expensive to do, and has to be done extremely carefully, because the safety of the dams is really important. Lots of designing, planning, and testing goes into the construction of the dams. Engineers working on the dam do not have a standardized model of them because each dam needs to be different depending on where it is put and the conditions.

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Hydro electric dams cannot be put just anywhere. They need to be put in places where this is an abundant quantity of water at a good height. If the dams are placed in an unqualified place, everything can go wrong like in the Vajont Dam in Italy, where almost 2000 people died. Or in Banqiao Dam in China where more than 171,000 people died and millions of people became homeless.

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hydro electric power plants require the use of steel, iron and cement which make the hydroelectric power plants very expensive.Also, smaller models rely on faster moving water, and humans cannot effect the speed of water flow.

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Another bad thing about hydro electric power is the fact that it alters the natural water table level. Hydro power plants can cause low dissolved oxygen levels in the water, a problem that is harmful riverbank habitats.