Geothermal Energy is The Newexternal image 131_geothermal_energy.gif Oil

by Kevin

Geothermal energy is a source of energy that is created in the center of the earth. It is brought to the surface many different types of ways such as hot springs, volcanoes, and geysers. It is created by the decay of radioactive particles. Most geothermal resources are underground and there are no clues of where they are found but most active ones are found on major plate boundaries.

Geothermal Power Plant
Geothermal Power Plant

The major plate boundary most of them are found on is the Ring Of Fire and that is where most of the geothermal power plants are formed. The way the hot springs and geysers are formed is by earthquakes breaking the earth's crust letting the water reach the surface to form it. Geothermal energy is converted in a power plant and it creates heat for homes and electricity.The water shot out of the geysers can be 430° The heat that is 10,000 meters below the surface contains 50,000 times the amount of energy than all of the fossil fuel in the world combined.

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