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Advantages of Biomass by Allan Desrochers
The collection of energy from biomass has many advantages. First, it is an inexhaustible fuel source. This means that it can be used and reused many times without tiring out and still giving off energy. Biomass is also very efficient. It is quick, clean, and easy to get. It is easily obtained anywhere throughout the world. According to buzzle.com it does not emit any green house gasses into the atmosphere. The biggest advantage to biomass is that it produces 15 times more energy than the wind and the sun. This is a picture of a power plant that produces biomass energy.

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Biomass is so easily obtained because you can use many different materials to get it. Sewage, plants, and dead animals are the main materials for biomass. There are also other sources for biomass. Here are images that represent biomass production.

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Here is a short video explaining the process of, and more information on it.