Project Description:

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The year is 2040 and Americans are in trouble! The world's supply of fossil fuels is being rapidly depleted. As a result, drivers are paying $20 per gallon for gasoline, and the cost of heating and cooling homes, businesses, and schools has forced many public buildings to close because of their inability to pay for energy. Families and industry are suffering as well. Goods can't be transported across the country, and many people must endure extreme heat and cold because energy costs are so high. The situation is critical! Alternative energy sources must be developed so that Americans can have reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly ways to run their cars, power their manufacturing plants, and heat and cool their businesses, schools, and homes.

As scientists, you have been selected to find ways to solve the energy crisis the United States is facing. You will be assigned a specific task related to solving this nationwide crisis and create a Wiki to instruct others. It will be up to your group to research and teach others about an alternative form of energy that can be used to meet the energy demands of the population without an extremely high price or further damage to the environment.

Requirements of the Wiki:

Science Content:

  • Explain how the energy source works to produce power
  • Uses of the form of energy, its cost, and when will it be EASILY accessible to the public
  • Advantages or benefits of this type of energy
  • Disadvantages or problems associated with this type of energy

Layout of Each Page:

  • 4 or more images related to the topic that enhance the visual appeal of the Wiki
  • 1 or more videos that contribute to the content of the Wiki
  • 2 or more hyperlinks to additional information about the topic

Discussion Thread:

  • Each individual must also write a well thought out response to 2 discussion threads